Don’t just take my word for it -  here’s what readers have to say about The Final Countdown Diet:

“Informative, entertaining and a breath of fresh air. At last, a diet book that talks sense!”

“Beautifully written…an easy to read book that will focus the minds of all those wanting to lose weight permanently.”

“This worked for me! Follow it and you will lose weight”

“A diet book you will actually want to read!”

“A must for anyone who actually wants to understand the mechanics of how to lose weight and keep it off.”

“Get this book if you’re serious about losing weight, I’m pleased I did.”


I want this book to be the last Diet Book you will ever buy. The chances are you will already own another diet book: maybe more than one. Similarly, the chances are that those previous diets didn’t work for you. There’s a reason for that – and it’s not your fault.

I am Will Meadows, the creator and author of the Final Countdown Diet, and I have spent the best part of the last two decades working in the Diet and Nutrition Industries. I have worked with some of the biggest names in the diet business and I know why some diets are destined to always fail. This knowledge, together with some ‘secrets’ of the dieting industry, are laid bare in the book of The Final Countdown Diet. The book explains why your last diet failed and gives you the tools you need to make this one a success.

The Final Countdown Diet book is now available via Amazon. Just click on the cover image at the top of this page.

Here’s a flavour of some of the content you’ll find inside:

  • What the diet industry knows about you and how they use this information to sell you a dream.
  • Why diets based on counting calories are never going to work.
  • How your brain works against you to prevent you from losing weight.
  • Why going to the gym isn’t going to help you lose weight.
  • What the Final Countdown Diet looks like, how it works and how you can use it to lose weight.
  • The problem with scales.
  • The problem with other ways of measuring your weight.
  • How to get your brain into gear to tackle permanent weight loss and make this diet a success.

I’ve worked hard to formulate a weight loss plan that not only works: it works forever. Everything in The Final Countdown Diet book is backed up by scientific research. Some of it goes against received wisdom but all of it works. I hope you will enjoy the book.


Will Meadows


August 2014


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